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Kipper the Dog is based on the picture book series created by British author & illustrator Mick Inkpen. The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn 2D creation produced by Grand Slamm Childrens Films and distributed by HIT Entertainment which debuted in 1997. The show is targeted toward preschool aged children and introduces basic concepts such as solving problems, sharing, and being a good friend in a leisurely manner. The stories are based on the same characters' adventures in the book.

Everyone roams around in a white environment with clever splashes of color here and there and a jazzy beat in the background. In fact, that catchy, silky, jazzy tune is one of the reasons Kipper is so popular.

Kipper is voiced by British actor and comedian, Martin Clunes. Chris Lang generally does all the other character voices. Trivia: While Kipper features the same characters in the book series, some episodes are direct representations from Inkpen's stories. Feel free to look around a bit.

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